Genital Herpes Treatment

Just ran across two websites for the natural treatment of herpes. This isn’t limited to genital herpes but includes cold sores as well as other herpes viruses.

Some background on herpes: it is currently believed by mainstream medicine that herpes will live in the body forever and all you can do is suppress outbreaks through medication.

The problem, the way modern medicine sees it, is that the herpes virus lives within a cell, lying dormant until conditions are ripe for an outbreak.

Since the virus lives dormant within the cell, it is really hard to get at and kill.

Antivirual drugs are the method of choice for mainstream medicine. They only suppress outbreaks of herpes but do not kill the virus hiding in the human cells.

However, there are alternative healers out there and I have found two websites that I think are worth checking out. Mind you, I have not read the books or used the products that these sites sell. But I have looked at their ‘sales’ copy and I based on some of the things they have said, I think they are worth investigating.

My background is in the life sciences. However, I’m not a medical doctor and this is not an endorsement of any treatment method. I am not an expert and you should not view me as one. What I suggest or write here is for information and entertainmnet purposes only and is not meant to suggest treatment, diagnosis or a cure of any kind.

If you are sick or believe you might be, be sure to visit your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

When it comes to herpes, that includes oral herpes, genital herpes or herpes on any other part of the body, you must become educated and fully inform any potential sexual partners of the danger they are in of contracting herpes from you.

This is only fair, and you should not hide the truth from someone you may become intimate with. If you are already intimate with someone and they don’t know you have herpes, you’d better tell them immediately. You are putting them in danger.

Precautions for a non-infected person can be helpful but may not prevent infection. In fact, people can contract herpes even after following reasonable precautions.

Herpes is a contracted by contact. And just because you don’t currently have an outbreak does not mean you are safe from transmitting the disease to others. In fact, you very can transmit the disease even if there is no current outbreak.

If you get cold sores, you most likely have herpes.

There are plenty of dating sites on the Internet for people that already have herpes.

You can live a normal life and have everything that a non-herpes infected person does. But, you have to be educated, know what to do and what not to do, and consider everything possible to keep the disease from spreading further. That includes within your own body and the bodies of others.

Here are the two sites I think are worth checking out. Remember this is not an endorsement of any kind. Contact your doctor if you have or think you might have herpes.

1. Stop Herpes Now, And from coming back

2. Never an Outbreak – I have ordered a copy of this book and may be reviewing it for this site soon.

For government sponsored information on herpes contact:

Center for Disease Control National Sexually Transmitted Diseases Hotline:
800-227-8922 or 800-342-2437
Spanish: 800-344-7432
TTY 800-243-7889

Visit the Forum on Herpes

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