Can you quit smoking?

If you listen to Rick Beneteau talk, you’ll find that he believes he can teach you to quit smoking in just three hours.

Rick tells his fascinating story about an encounter with a NLP (Neuro-linguistic-programming) specialist and how what he learned helped him to quit smoking and teach others to do so.

There are a number of testimonials on Rick’s site and his program comes with the standard 90 day money back guarantee.

Will it work? I Don’t know. I’m not a smoker and have no need for his work. But I’m sure that a lot of my readers smoke and I wanted to let them know about this resource.

Rick has a free audio message that talks about his program on his site

You can check it out. Since his program with bonuses comes with a 90 day money back guarantee you can find out if it works for you risk free.

Rick had smoked cigarettes for 39 years before finding this method that was able to help him quit.

Rick even goes so far to say that quitting smoking is ‘easy’.

Is it really? Many people have tried to quit and have failed multiple times. To think that it can be so ‘easy’ seems strange at first. But, maybe Rick is on to something.

After all, he smoked for decades and tried to quit many times without success.

Even when he showed up at his mentor’s office, he was thinking about how he could get outside to take a ‘smoke’ break.

Rick mentions on his site that smoking one pack of cigarettes is equivalent to having a chest x-ray and that 90% of lung cancers occur in people who smoke.

Rick said that he had an open mind and really did quit after three hours of working with his mentor – for good. He hasn’t gone back to smoking since.

On his site, Rick mentions that nicotine is not the addiction that makes it so hard to quit. He claims there is a secret ingredient that cigarette companies add to their product that makes it hard.

Rick says there is an easy and painless way to beat the addiction to this secret substance and he reveals both what the chemical is and how to beat the addiction to it in his program.

Last night, I was in the store with my girlfriend and the pack of cigarettes she craved sold for $3.80. I thought, “wow, that is almost 120$ a month just from smoking 1 pack a day. Almost 1200$ per year thrown away – wasted.

I was shocked that the cost of smoking cigarettes was so high.

I guess spending a few bucks learning how to quit permanently would be well worth it.

Still skeptical that you or a love one can beat a cigarette addiction? Well, since Rick offers the 90 day money back guarantee, might as well try it. If it doesn’t work, get your money back. You can’t lose with a no risk offer like that.

Rick’s site

I saw a cadaver with blackened lungs from years of smoking. The lungs were pitch black all the way through – inside and out.
It was one of the most scary and disgusting things you would ever want to see.

I hope you or a loved one can quit smoking.

– Dave


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