Asthma Freedom in One Week?

Is it possible to stop asthma attacks in one week?

Karon Beattie says it is possible. She is not afraid to put her name and address on her website and that is a major confidence booster to me.

Her book is available here.

She says:

  • You can be free of Asthma symptoms
  • Beyond the cost of her report, it doesn’t cost anything additional
  • Her information is based on a little known clinical trial performed at a major hospital
  • Cured her own asthma with this method

There are a number of testimonials on her site and she also puts her picture up for everyone to see.

One of the testimonials is from a doctor ( but we do not know if he is an MD) He states that he was on steroids and used his ‘puffer’ 4 times a day and is no longer using any medications.

Her book, which retails for $49.97 is a leading seller on clickbank.

The book comes with a 90 day money back guarantee.

As a free bonus she offers 3 books on Cancer – all of which I have and can say are very useful.

Karon says that you can use her method immediately with items that you currently have in your house. And that you will feel the effects almost immediately.

One of the great things about clickbank is that it is a third party vendor and if you buy something from them, you can get a full refund within 90 days.

If you know of someone suffering with asthma, this book just may contain useful information. Before to check with your doctor before any type of self-treatment.

If you have asthma or know someone that does and you try this method – leave your comments below:


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