Hydrofloss works!

Suffering from gum disease?

I just returned from the dentist. The verdict is in.

Hydrofloss works! The proof is undisputable.

Both the hygienist and the dentist agreed that my gum tissue has firmed up!

She said the tarter is no longer below the gum line!

And she was able to do a thorough cleaning because my gums were healthy. She scraped away a lot of above the gumline tarter that she couldn’t get to before because my gums were not healthy enough.

There was no mention if needing a ‘root scaling and planing’ this time.

This proves to me personally, that my purchase and use of the hydrofloss was of the utmost value to the health of my gums.

I’m very excited about this.

You see, gum disease is the real problem that most people don’t think about. Most people think cavities are a problem. But most tooth loss comes about as a result of gum disease, plain and simple.

So gum disease which equates mostly to gingivits and/or periodontal disease are real threats to people’s health. Reports and studies keep showing up indicating how gum disease may be a gateway to related illness elsewhere in the body.

If you think about, bleeding gums amount to an open sore and direct access to your blood stream to all those nasty bacteria and other bad things looking for an opportunity to infect the body.

As I mentioned before, I am very, very happy to have purchased and used the hydrofloss. The good report on improvement from the dentist signals to me that it was well worth it.

Here is a picture of they hydrofloss:


About the author: Dave writes for http://tobeinformed.com/blog/ and http://allthingspondered.com

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