Billy and Quality Sleep

It is funny and ironic in a strange, sad kind of way.

Billy suffered from not getting enough sleep and low energy.

He would often get little or poor quality sleep at night and
be tired during the day.

This went on for a painfully long period of time. Just think
how terrible Billy felt trying to make it through a long day
of work, without refreshing sleep.

It is hard. How do you hide the times when your eyes close
and you zone out because you didn’t have quality sleep?

Anyway, poor Billy was terrified that his boss or another
co-worker would see him cat-napping at his desk.

And you know poor Billy felt bad every time he fell asleep
at the dinner table.

When he and his wife were out together with friends, he felt
embarrassed that his wife had to keep elbowing him when he
would nod off to keep him awake.

Billy might snore if he really ‘went out’.

He knew their friends saw him nodding off and his wife’s
attempts to keep him awake, but they were polite enough to
pretend not to notice.

Well poor Billy was beside himself. “What can I do about
this”?, he asked himself over and over again. .

Billy searched and searched and tried some different things
like drinking more caffeinated beverages, but often times
that just seemed to make things worse.

Crashing off a caffeine high was just creating ups and

Besides Billy had read that if you feel asleep after
drinking a caffeinated beverage it meant that your adrenal
glands needed a rest. – They’re worn out from producing too
much adrenaline.

Well anyway, to make a long story short, Billy realized his
suffering was completely unnecessary after he found and read
a book called ‘Powerful Sleep’.

‘Ole Billy found the answers he was looking for in that
book. Not only did he need LESS sleep but he had MORE
energy. And he didn’t need caffeine at all it turned out.

Billy was much happier and so were those around him.

He owed it all to powerful sleep.

This is the last day to get the video and the book for half
price. It is going up to almost $80 after today.

I bought my copy and it was worth it!


PS. Billy’s story is a figment of my imagination. But
Powerful Sleep IS real. I have been using the information
in it personally, and it has really worked for me!

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