How I Like to Use My Hydrofloss to Keep My Gums Healthy

In my opinion the hydrofloss is one of the most useful tools in keeping my gums healthy. I also feel that it helped them get healthy in the first place. If you haven’t seen or heard of the hydrofloss before, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see a picture of it:

This is how I like to use my hydrofloss to maximize the benefits of owning one.

First, I use a sonicare toothbrush to break up any plaque that has formed on my teeth.
Then I let the toothpaste contact my teeth for a little while, if I have time. This is because I want the enamel to absorb as much of the fluoride as possible.

This is even more important to me after eating a sugary snack or if I forgot to clean my teeth and gums before going to bed the previous night. In the case of the latter, the bacteria had all night to multiply and secrete acid onto the enamel of my teeth.

Therefore, if I have forgotten to do maintenance on my teeth and gums the night before, I know I have to do a really good job in the morning. My preference is to do a good job the night before, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen.

Next, I will irrigate my teeth quickly with the hydrofloss. I do NOT do a thorough job at this point because I just want to get the larger particles washed away from my teeth.

It would probably be alright if I were to switch the order of these first two steps.

Third, I like to floss after the previous steps. Flossing, I believe, is necessary even with a tool as powerful as the hydrofloss. Flossing can help to further break up any plaque that the sonicare did not or help to remove plaque in places that the sonicare doesn’t reach, such as slightly below the gumline.

Finally, I use the hydrofloss in a very thorough manner. I like to use two trays, one for the upper teeth and one on the bottom teeth. I irrigate the gums thoroughly by running the nozzle’s stream along the base of my teeth and gumline. I like to go slowly and get every nook and cranny. If I encounter an area of tenderness or slight pain, I like to spend extra time there as it may be a place of hidden infection or the beginnings of a problem. The stream of the hydrofloss is not harmful to the gums.

That in a nutshell is how I like to keep up the health of my teeth and gums.

These are only my opinions and are not meant to serve as directions or substitute for your physician’s or dentist’s advice. If you have or think you have any dental or gum health issues, please contact your dentist for proper diagnosis and treatment. See the

If you don’t know what a hydrofloss is or looks like, you can see one here:


In order to learn more about the hydrofloss, visit and then go here to get a significant discount and bonus that can help your gums even further.

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