My personal weight control methods

When talking about loosing or controlling weight, I can tell you about my personal methods. Please keep in mind that I am not a health care professional and that you should not follow my example, but instead consult with a qualified health care professional on weight loss and before dieting or taking up any form of exercise. This article is for information purposes only.

Quote: I don’t like to follow the mainstream except when the mainstream agrees with my opinion. :)

What do I think is important for controlling my weight?
First off, I believe that some type of exercise is necessary.

I prefer the exercises of Falun Dafa. The reasons are many. First off, I like to avoid the tired and worn out feeling that comes from ‘traditional’ workouts such as going to the gym or aerobic exercises.(though I certainly concede that both have their advantages.)

I like the Falun Dafa exercises because when I’m done, instead of feeling dragged down, and ready to crash, I feel energized and full of peaceful wholesome energy.

Next, it is my opinion that most of the various cultures in the world, including and perhaps especially the United States where I live, inadvertently encourages eating food combinations that promote weight gain.

Considering that the United States has an epidemic of obesity, perhaps my thoughts are not too far off the mark.

So what are unhealthy eating combinations? Well, in my opinion, the primary culprit is mixing fat and sugar together. Why? Well a fat molecule is made up of a fatty acid head and a string of carbohydrates as a long tail. So, when you put that combination of foods in your body, you give your body the ingredients it needs to create fat molecules. And we can’t blame our bodies for doing what they do naturally, can we?

There is actually much more technical rationale for what I believe, but I want to keep this simple. Just keep in mind that I believe that eating sugar and fat together is a bad idea.

I don’t believe in giving up fat, quite the contrary, the right kinds of fat are not only beneficial but absolutely essential to the proper maintenance of the human body.

One of the greatest mistakes a dieter can make is avoiding fat.

And one of the smartest moves in my amateur opinion IS avoiding the combination of Fat and Sugar as I’ve already stated.

What are some common examples of the weight producing combinations? Cookies, ice cream, frappachinos, cake, milk shakes, hamburgers and buns, meat and potatoes, hot dogs on buns, meat and rice (though this is a lot better than meat and potatoes because rice has a metabolism raising effect), pizza, non skinny foo foo drinks such as mochas, are good examples of bad food combinations. If you get these with skim milk it is not as bad.

Oh, and whole, 2%, and 1% milk are natural combinations of fat and sugar. I like to drink skim milk.

You get the idea. There are plenty of examples I’m sure you could think of yourself.

Another thing that is important in keeping my weight controlled as well as keeping some tone is that I know a person needs a protein source approximately every 8 hours. If your body doesn’t get protein (a complete protein that contains all of the essential amino acids) then it will catabolize or ‘rob’ the protein from your muscle tissue, this leads to less muscle tone and may contribute to flabby muscles.

So, what do you do to get a complete protein every 8 hours? My personal favorite is drinking a cup of skim milk. I know some people are lactose intolerant. A little tuna or lean chicken works well. You just need a small amount, you don’t have to eat an entire chicken. Maybe you could cut that chicken up in portions and have a little bit of it once every 8 hours or so until it is gone.

Some people think soy milk is good. In my opinion it is not. First of all, there is speculation that much of the value of protein in soy is greatly reduced by processing. I suspect that soy caused me to actually gain weight when I used it.

Secondly, if you like soy and soy products, you might want to do a google search on ‘the dangers of soy’.

Stay tuned for moreon this subject in the near future.

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1 paul

Thank you for the info on Soy!!!!!!!!! I am now going to be working with some attorneys whom are evaluating the risk of soy in baby formula. My son has many endoctrine problems and weight problems as well MCcCUnne Albrights.
Thanks and I hope that you are well and have a wonderful day.

“things happen for reasons”


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