One month of using Hyrdrofloss

I have been using the hydrofloss for about 1 month now. I believe it is working very well.

I do think it is has made a difference in the health of my gums.

Basically, I brush only the flats of my teeth with a toothbrush because I wish to avoid any more erosion of my gumline from the toothbrush bristles. Then I spread the toothpaste around in my mouth to make sure all surfaces of the teeth are touched by the paste. I do this because fluoride is useful in prevening cavities and keeping the enamel strong.

Next, I fill the resevoir with 800ml of warm water and irrigate either the bottom or top of my mouth. I aim the jet at about a 45 degree angle to the gumline.

Then, I refill the resevoir with another 800ml and do the opposite side of my mouth (either top or bottom depending on what I just did).

After that, I floss.

Then I fill the resevoir once more with 800ml and do both the top and the bottom. Sometimes at this stage, I add some Therabreath mouthwash because it contains Oxy-8 to further help eliminate bacteria.

I haven’t verified this with the dentist, but I believe the perio pockets have decreaed and that the gum tissue appears (to me) to be healthier and firmer.

I wish I had started using the hydrofloss sooner.


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