Romantic Love – Just an Addiction?

I was just reading about a study done on romantic love. They found through MRI that the same parts of the brain that are stimulated by chocolate or another reward item are stimulated by looking at a picture of someone we love.

Does this mean that love is just an addiction? Curious question. But the continuance of our species is wrapped around this thing called romantic love. So it does make sense that it would be an addiction.

Isn’t it interesting that such a thing as romantic love exists in contrast to man’s propensity for brutality against his fellow man? What is it that makes us want to do wonderful things for our mate when generally man is willing to do so much harm to his ‘enemy’? This underscores that romantic love is not at all noble or glorious, in fact it may just be that it is one of the most selfish and self serving addictions of all. A forced altruism as it were.

As human beings we are a rather sad lot, wouldn’t you agree? We are so willing to protect the object of our love but such a willingness does not extend to people who live a few miles away from us.

The way strangers on the street behave when they pass each other is a much truer reflection of how we are towards our fellow man. Cold. Uncaring. Afraid. Unfriendly. It is such a contrast to the feeling that we have for our loved ones. That feeling is born of a selfish nature, it does not extend to all beings and all things. A sad lot indeed!

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