Fight Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease

I’m writing about something rather amazing
– in my opinion.

Often, but not always, the same people who
suffer from bad breath also suffer from
bleeding gums – gingivitis – or worse –
periodontal disease.

I have been puzzled by the problem of
gingivitis and periodontal disease for a
long time.

The rage among dentists and hygienists is
‘root scaling and planing’. This is
designed to get to the bacteria under the

The problem is that it hurts after the
anesthetic wears off and it has to ‘heal’ ,
which means there was tissue damage done in
the process.

And in the long run, you may need
additional treatments down the road,
sometimes in only a few months.

Anyway, I didn’t want the recommended
treatment. So I searched a bit and I found
a very interesting device.

I just got my Hydrofloss unit a few days

I believe I am already seeing the gum tissue firm up and become ‘healthier’.

This device is something I will have for years and if it allows me to avoid expensive and possibly painful treatments, it is going to be well worth it.

Here is the link:

Talk to you later,

– Dave

* I’m not a dentist and this post is just for information purposes. It is not meant to suggest any kind of diagnosis or treatment. See your dentist for that!

As a matter of fact for something as serious as losing your teeth or periodontal disease getting worse, you had better be working
with your dentist on this. It’s best to do things as a team with your dentist.

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