Get a Second Opinion

My mother’s eye doctor said that he thought
she had glaucoma in one of her eyes.

He gave her an expensive prescription to
use. This was rather costly medicine in the
form of eye drops.

What I love about my mother is that she is
very smart and she doesn’t like to take
medicine unless it is absolutely necessary.

When she read the side effects for this
drug, which included altering the color of
the eye, she was a little nervous.

When she went for a follow up appointment,
she asked how many drops she should be
using. The doctor said something like,
‘two drops in both eyes’.

My mother, who is in her seventies,
immediately realized he had originally said
she had a problem in only one of her eyes.

She questioned him to make sure she heard
right. Sure enough, he wanted her to but
the drops in both eyes.

For me personally, just like the cavity
story I told you before, whenever someone
wants to treat a perfectly good body part,
it raises warning flags for me.

But, I didn’t need to say anything to my
sharp mother. She knew something was wrong!
She went and received a second opinion from
another doctor.

After some testing and another follow up
visit, the new doctor said that she didn’t
think my mother had glaucoma.

Now, my mother has saved herself from
paying for the expensive medication on a
long term basis as well as saving herself
from the side effects of this medication.

I love my mom! Way to go, mom!

The moral of the story? It PAYS to GET a
SECOND opinion, WHENEVER you have ANY
doubts about what your doctor is telling

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