My Dentist Lied

I find it irritating. You will too.

Ask half a dozen people you know and you
will invariably find that one of them has
been to a dentist who told them they had 3
to 6 cavities only to go to another dentist
that tells them they have no cavities.

It happened to me about 6 months ago. My
gut instinct was that the dentist was
lying. She wanted to drill into a
perfectly good tooth. I wisely refused the
follow up appointment.

6 months later I went to another dentist in
the same office. Guess what ? No cavities.

I’m a little irritated. Did I mention

What in the world? This is a professional
that holds the public’s trust. And she
totally abused that trust for the sake of

I can’t stand people like that. She was
young too, probably under 30. There is
something about attempted fraud from an
‘under 30 something’ that is particularly

Fortunately she wasn’t yet good at fraud.
I noticed how nervous she was about the
whole thing, which is one of the things
that tipped me off.

Another funny thing is that before she ‘discovered’ the non-existent
cavity, she had just finished talking about her upcoming wedding.

I don’t know, maybe there is something about a honeymoon and a
new house that gets a fraudster to start thinking about money.

Someone told me I should report her. I probably won’t. I believe that
people who do bad things eventually get what is coming to them.
It isn’t necessary for me to take action.

watch out, watch your wallet!

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