Strength Training and Osteoporosis

Hippocrates once said, “That which is used
develops, and that which is not used wastes
away.” I like to believe that he is talking
about strength training and its affect on
osteoporosis. Strength training can be
defined as any activity that places a
heavier load on the muscles than it is
typically used to. Osteoporosis is defined
as a decrease in bone mass and density
causing bones to become fragile.

Strength training has been shown to
increase bone density. It has been shown to
increase overall strength, balance and
coordination as well. Exercise is one of
the best natural defenses against this

Unfortunately, as we grow older we tend to
use our muscles less and less. This
inactivity is costing us. Falls and broken
bones are of major concern to many of us.
Strength training can help reduce the
number of serious accidents by providing a
base of strength and balance.

If you already have osteoporosis a weight
training program can still help build bone
density. Work with lighter weights and
avoid any motion that involves twisting or
bending forward. Also avoid high impact
exercises such as jumping or running.

If your main goal is to prevent osteoporosis
then work with heavier weights and increase
the intensity as you go on. This will build
your bone mass up incrementally.

In either scenario it is best to talk with your doctor or
specialist before starting any strength training or
exercise program. Your doctor will be able to tell you
about any precautions you should take. Hippocrates was
right. If we don’t use it, we will lose it.

About the Author:

Lynn VanDyke is the proud owner of . She is a
certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and
nutritionist. Her site is quickly becoming a breathe of
fresh air.

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