Sleep book coming

You may have heard some talk about Kacper’s
book on sleep either from this list
or somewhere else.

Kacper’s research tells him that it is not
necessary to sleep 8 hours and that doing
so can actually lessen your energy levels.

His book tells you a lot of things about
sleep that you don’t currently know.

For example : If you want to really
wake up in the morning. Skip the coffee,
go outside and get some fresh sunlight
for about 30 seconds (do NOT stare directly
at the sun).

See if that gets you going.
I know it will. I’ve done it.

You may also have heard that Kacper is getting

Kacper is trying to raise 25 thousand for his
wedding. And he is offering his book and a video
version together for only 39.

This is a good deal for you because
he normally sells the book alone for 47.00.

You can get his no cost report at

But don’t buy the book yet. You’d have to
pay 47 for it and you would rather have
the book AND the video for 39.

Instead just scoop up your report and get
ready for the release on May 27th.

I’ll keep you posted on it.

The promotion will only last a few days
and in June the price of the book/video
will go up to 79.

So stay tuned and you will be able to
get the 40 dollar discount on it.

Oh, and besides the 40 dollar discount,
you will also receive 10 + bonuses
valued at over 600.

The offer will only be available on May 27th, and
for several days after. And Kacper is only going
to release 350 copies of the video/audio version
of “Powerful Sleep” for this special offer.

In June, the cost will increase.

For now, get your no cost report:

and standby, I’ll keep you

I believe Kacper has some good info in
his book / video and you should have that
info to use to enhance your life with.


david @

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