Cold Sores – The Alien Herpes Virus

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Cold Sores – The Alien Herpes Virus

Cold sores, fever blisters, oral herpes are
3 names for the same thing – a blister or
sore on the face – normally occurring on
the outer edge of your lip or nose.

“Cold sores” is the most common term used
for these hideous, painful and contagious
facial sores. Herpes simplex virus type 1
and type 2 are the root cause of cold
sores. About 80% of cold sores are caused
by type 1. Type 2, although primarily the
cause of genital herpes sores, is
responsible for about 20% of facial cold

Cold sores are “location specific”,
occurring in roughly the same place each
time. The herpes virus is normally latent,
or asleep, in the nerve ganglia behind the
jaw on the same side of your face as your
cold sores occur. Fortunately herpes virus
does not travel internally to infect other
locations – but stays put in the area where
first contracted.

Cold sores, when in full blossom, look like
a hideous explosion on you lip or nose.
Fact is – that’s pretty close to how cold
sores are actually formed.

If you’re a science fiction fan like me,
you’ll notice that a lot of these shows are
based on the idea of alien creatures using
humans to reproduce. The alien creature
“infects” the human body with their seed.
When the young are ready for birth, the
human host is destroyed to release the new
alien creatures. The herpes virus
replicates in the same way.

Cold sores are the result of the
reproduction process of the herpes virus.
This virus, unlike bacteria, cannot
reproduce on it’s own but must have a host.
A single herpes virus enters a nerve cell
and forces that cell to create, or clone,
many copies of itself. The original virus
then destroys the host cell to release it’s
young. This “explosion” of millions of
cells in a close area produces the massive
cold sores.

Cold sores are very painful because the
herpes virus has a particular affinity for
nerve cells. Herpes virus travels the nerve
fibers like a highway to the surface and
create the cold sores on the end of those
nerves. If you’ve ever had a dentist hit
the end of a nerve while drilling – well,
it’s pretty much the same feeling when your
teeth hit the cold sores.

Cold sores are very contagious from the
first tingle to the last red spot. Even
your saliva and nasal fluids (and on rare
occasions even vaginal fluids) can contain
the herpes virus at this time. As a result,
nearly 89% of the world population is
infected with type 1 or 2 herpes virus.

Touching your cold sores or kissing can
cause a new site for cold sores on yourself
– or someone else. Contaminated fingers can
also transfer the cold sores virus to
objects such as telephones, faucets, and
towels. The virus can live on these objects
for days under the right conditions. Use
extreme caution, especially during the
weeping and crusting phases of your cold

Symptoms of cold sores begin with a
tingling, dryness sensation, burning,
and/or itching. Cold sores then progress to
these stages: a group of tiny blisters
form, enlarge, and burst to create one
large open sore. In 2 or 3 days a crust
forms over this open, weeping sore and the
healing begins. The skin heals, the crust
falls off, but there is still healing going
on below the new skin – which leaves a red
spot for up to 2 more weeks before cold
sores are considered totally healed.

The entire event for most people averages 3
to 4 weeks -depending on their current
health and on the treatments these folks
used during the various stages of the cold

For cold sores there is nothing currently
available from medical science or natural
science that will eliminate the herpes
virus from the body. If you want to be cold
sore free for life – the secret you must
know is keeping the virus asleep.

Without any treatment, the body will cure
the cold sores through it’s own natural
healing process. There are a wide variety
of effective home treatment remedies that
will GREATLY hurry up the healing of your
cold sores – or actually prevent the
outbreak from happening altogether.

Cold sores over-the-counter medications
have not been shown to shorten the life
cycle of cold sores. However, these lip
balms and salves do provide much comfort
and help prevent secondary bacterial
infection of your cold sores.

About the Author:

Denny Bodoh is a newspaper publisher and 33
year veteran research writer on alternative
health and nutrition. If you would like to
know more about cold sores, and what you
can do about them today, join others and
visit his wildly popular website:

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