The Many Faces Of Herpes

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Genital herpes is not the only kind of
herpes that exist today. There are other
forms like cold sores and these can be
painful and embarrassing as well not to
mention the fact that they are a harder
form of herpes to hide. Did you know that
there are over 80 different forms of the
herpes virus? It is a good thing that only
8 of them affect humans. The most common
forms of herpes can affect both the mouth
and genital areas, they do not stick to one
localized area.

Genital herpes is the most well known form
of herpes and it affects millions of
Americans today and each and every year at
least 1 million more herpes cases are
reported. You can get this type of herpes
through any sort of skin to skin touching
and it is something that both men and women
can get. The symptoms of genital herpes are
rashes, bumps or even blisters. When you
are having a genital herpes outbreak you
are much more contagious than when you are
not although herpes can still be spread
when there are no symptoms felt or seen.

You can also catch herpes through oral to
genital contact, not just genital to
genital. Herpes is a virus and just like a
cold it can be easily spread from one
person to another. Some of those who get
herpes cold sores only get these painful
blisters once while others get them
throughout their entire lives. If you have
ever had a cold sore then you have herpes
and you always will, there is nothing that
can be done to get rid of this herpes

You can get herpes through any sort of
contact and sexual contact is the most
common way to transfer this virus. Any kind
of sexual contact including genital, oral
and even anal sexual contact will put you
at risk.

About The Author: Herman Smithe is the
owner of The Herpes Info Site
( His site
contains information and resources for
people with Herpes.

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