Bad Breath Articles, Faq and Testimonials

Bad Breath Article & Information: Facts about Bad Breath

Bad Breath: The Truth – Explains everything there is to know about Bad Breath, bad breath causes and how to find a cure for bad breath

Effective Treatments For Post Nasal Drip and Nasal Sinus Congestion That Will Help Stop Excess Mucus Draining In The Back Of Your Throat

Post Nasal Drip will make bad breath much worse!

This Breath Mint is the First Breath Freshener to Neutralize, Not Mask Bad Breath

This breath mint stops bad breath and taste instead of just masking it. From the ‘bad breath guru’, Dr. Harold Katz and TheraBreath

Bad Breath Spray stops halitosis and bad breath in the throat and tonsils

This extra-strength bad breath product is a spray that stops the production of bad breath in your throat, tonsils, and ont he back of your tongue.

Finally, an Ozone Generator Manufacturer that has created an ozone machine ideal for home and small business use!

The first Ozone Generator manufactured by a doctor who understands ozone therapy and ozone treatments

Bad Breath: The Truth

Helps us to understand various bad breath treatments, including how to deal with halitosis, sour and bitter taste, and other causes of bad breath

Dry Mouth Aids to Prevent Dry Mouth Symptoms Caused by Bacteria

Both dry mouth symptoms as well as dry mouth aids can have a direct effect on bad breath and other symptoms of mouth bacteria.

Scientific Studies Indicate Bad Breath Causes Including Chlorine Dioxide

Scientific studies indicate bad breath causes such as chlorine dioxide and volatile sulfur compounds.

Effective Treatments For Tonsil Stones (Tonsilloliths) Caused By Post Nasal Drip And Excess Mucous

Stop the formation of tonsil stones and neutralize the bacteria that causes bad breath

Fresh Breath Through Taking Vitamins

An article describing how to obtain fresh breath through taking vitamins, effectively treating halitosis and other causes of bad breath

Halitosis Horror Stories – You’re Not Alone!

Halitosis Horror Stories from our friend, Dr. Katz

Fresh Breath – Testing for your own fresh breath at home

Informs how to test for fresh breath from home, as well as how to detect if halitosis is a possible condition

Bad Breath Products: Frequently Asked Questions about Bad Breath Products and Information on

If you are researching bad breath products, be sure to review our FAQs on THerabreath bad breath products

Volatile Sulfer Compounds in Foods – How they Affect Your Breath

Informs us on how volatile sulfer compounds within foods can affect our fresh breath

Bad Breath Treatments – How Medication can Affect Your Breath

Information on bad breath treatments and how taking medications can affect our breath.

Bad Breath: Can be caused by post nasal drip, your throat and tonsils

Information on bad breath can be caused by post nasal drip, your throat and / or tonsils

Bad Breath: Can be caused by post nasal drip, your throat and tonsils

Information on bad breath can be caused by post nasal drip, your throat and / or tonsils

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