Two resources for better health

I was watching a show last night and this guy had
cancer. And it seemed that the show was giving
the impression that having cancer was equivalent
to dying.

I think this is not a correct picture. For example,
you hear about people going into remission all the time.

Of course there are no guarantees, but it just makes
sense to me that a person would want to arm themselves
with as many weapons as possible to overcome cancer.

That is why I like to tell people about this resource
If nothing else, knowledge is power and for something as
serious as cancer, I want all the power I can get on my side.

Don’t worry, I’m healthy. The cornerstone to my
personal health, fitness and wellness regimen is this.

Finally, I really am a fan of free information. The problem
is that a lot of free information is suspect when it comes
to quality.

Well, here is one free information resource that teaches
about bad breath and what can be done about it. I feel it
is a quality resource and that is why I don’t have trouble
recommending it.



Ps. if you are suffering from a lot of stress or even anxiety ,
you might find this interesting.

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