Suffering from anxiety or even worse, panic attacks can be
quite unpleasant.

Sometimes the tensions of
life get in the way of feelingcalm and
peaceful. For example, you might worry
about some major test, or presentation
at your job.

You might wonder if your kids are O.K.
What are they doing? Who are they with?
Are they doing well in school?

Sometimes we might even worry about
our parents. If they are older, we might
worry if they are taking care of themselves
or if they are feeling lonely, etc.

There are all kinds of stressors in life, you
can probably think of the things that make
you feel tense right now.

So what can you do about it?

1. Meditate! check this out:
pay particular attention to the calm and
peaceful look on their faces. If you choose
this option there may be no need for option
two below.

2. Maybe you don’t want to meditate, but
want something to help, but NOT something
that could be addictive.

Read up on this instead :

I’ll be teaching a class at Unity Temple in
Kansas City this week, if you are in town,
let me know.

Hope you are healthy and well, until next time,


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