A reader of the Health Line Mailing List writes:

Hi Dave,
(sorry – my mistakes, but I only study english, OK?)
How are U today? I hope OK. Thanks for U ask me about this link about vitamins’. U know? Unfortunatelly I can’t open that, sorry. May I ask U How often U do these exercises?
Dave I would like to ask U: my father is having pain in his joints’ in his hands. U understand me? thanks for Your answer.
I hope U are so far from this “Willma”??? Is everything OK???
Greetings for U
Thanks once again
PS. Are U doctor maybe?

My Reply:


Thank you for asking about my safety! I am far away from Wilma,
I am safe.

As for the Falun Dafa exercises, I try to practice them daily,
although I do miss some days. You can learn more about them
at http://falundafa.org

I am not a doctor and I do not dispense medical advice. If you
are sick or think you might be consult with a physician for proper
diagnosis and treatment.

Here are some resources related to your question on arthritis:





Everything is going well here,
Thank you for writing in.


PS. the link for low cost but hight quality vitamins and supplements
is http://tobeinformed.com/vitamins

The above is for information only and is not intended to treat,
cure, diagnose or prevent any disease. If you are sick or think
you might be consult with a physician immediately for proper
diagnosis and treatment.

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