Cancer Support and Discussion

If know someone who is suffering from cancer or you youself have it, or you used to have it, or you know something about it, then join this egroup and be supported and help to support others who are struggling.

The good you do may be returned to you down the road!

Cancer is a debilitating disease to say the least. Many people around the world have cancer and are struggling with their treatments.

Maybe you have been through cancer treatment and survived?

Maybe you have a loved on that has cancer or maybe you were close
to someone who died of cancer? In either case, maybe you can take
your experience and knowledge and turn it into a positive and help
others who are suffering too.

Are you someone that has specialized knowledge about cancer that could
provide useful information to those who have it.

Are you interested in participating in group discussions about cancer and
the experiences that people go through with it.

Are you wondering if you have been told everything there is to know about cancer?

Are you worried about the level of care that people with cancer receive?

Are you interested in learning more about cancer for your own knowledge and understanding the suffering and trials that cancer sufferers go through?

Are you a cancer victim who is currently fighting cancer.? Do you think a little encouragement and support in your fight would be useful?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you qualify to join this group:

It’s free, there is no cost and you may receive benefit of provide benefit to others.


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