Avoiding the Wrong Soaps for Acne and other Skin Conditions

7 Tips to Help You Avoid Buying a
Destructive Soap or Cleanser if You Have
a Skin Problem By: Michael Hrenko

Psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, and any
other skin problems are irritated very
easily by most soaps. As a former
psoriasis sufferer I would estimate I
tried at least 30 different soaps hoping
that would cure my psoriasis. I later
discovered I was wrong and my psoriasis
was only irritated from soap, but soap
was not the cause of it.

If you have any form of a skin problem
you may have feared taking a shower or
bathing because of the dry, painful
itch, and film left by using a
commercially produced bar soap. Why is
that? What causes the itch left by a bar
soap and is there any way to cope?

Here are some tips to buying a better
soap or cleanser that may not irritate
your skin:

1. Glycerin is a good moisturizer.
Glycerin is known to moisturize from the
inside out, pulling in moisture from the
outside environment. It’s typically
found in better quality, more expensive
soaps like a hand made soap or good

Lower grade, commercially produced soaps
usually remove the glycerin and use more
cost effective chemicals which are much
more destructive to the skin.

2. Avoid any soaps that are granular.
Granular soaps are terribly too abrasive
for the skin of acne, psoriasis, eczema,
and dermatitis sufferers. This abrasive
soap may be okay to wash motor oil off
your hands but not to scrub the acne-
prone skin on your face.

I had acne as a teen and believed I
could scrub long enough to remove dead
skin cells to let my pores “breathe”. It
took little time to discover this was
only irritating my skin. If you have
beautiful, blemish-free skin a granular
soap may not be harmful. However, gentle
is the key for anyone who has any form
of blemish or sensitive condition like
psoriasis, eczema, or dermatitis.

3. Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus are
terrific for cleansing. Tea tree oil is
considered to have some of the best
natural antiseptic / antifungal
properties in the world. Eucalyptus oil
has been shown to fight infection-
causing bacteria, fungi,and viruses very

The reason I have found tea tree oil and
eucalyptus to be so powerful in helping
my psoriasis was because both were
natural and complemented my skin. Far
too many chemicals are added into many
commercial soaps today that do their job
of cleaning but strip away the skins
natural moisturizers as well.

Although I no longer have psoriasis, I
still use a specific blend of aloe,
eucalyptus, and tea tree oil in a
concentrated cleanser. Email me at
michael@epsoriasis.net and I will tell
you what it is and where to purchase it
(I don’t personally sell it but can tell
you where to find it).

4. pH balance of you skin is critical.
Normal skin is naturally acidic with a
pH in the range of 4.2 to 5.6. Most
traditional soaps considered “mild” have
a pH of around 9.5 – 11 which is too
alkaline and may cause excessive dryness
and irritation. These soaps
traditionally remove the natural acid
protection and extract the fats from the
skin as well.

If you have eczema, psoriasis, or
dermatitis your skin may be even more
alkaline than normal in those affected
areas. Using a low-grade commercially
produced bar soap, which may be more
alkaline, could lead to infection. If
you prefer a bar soap try a hand made
soap. It will be more expensive but it
would be worth it if you saw results,
wouldn’t it?

Most cleansers may be more gentle
because they are made not to disturb
your skin’s pH level. The skin is
designed to protect itself by
maintaining a more acidic pH level. Many
commercially made soaps may rob the skin
of it’s natural acidic state, leaving it

5. Frequency of washing – don’t overdue
it. If you have acne you may have a
difficult time with this one. If your
skins excessively oily in your facial
area it’s could be because you are using
a poor quality soap that’s highly
alkaline. By washing too much you may be
stripping away the skins natural oil,
forcing it to produce more.

I wash my skin once a day. I often see
others recommending washing the skin up
to three times daily. Washing this much
is incredibly excessive for those of us
with sensitive skin.

6. Pure Aloe Vera – the absolute best
moisturizer. If you’ve ever had a severe
sunburn you would know not to take a
very hot shower. Don’t consider your
psoriasis, eczema, or dermatitis to be
any less severe than sunburn.

If you find yourself in a situation
where you’re in terrible pain from skin
lesions this may help. Before I found my
psoriasis cure I used Fruit Of The
Earth® Aloe Vera 100% Gel. This is the
closest thing to a pure moisturizer that
you will find. While I don’t need this
anymore because my psoriasis is gone, it
helped tremendously when my psoriasis
was very painful.

7. Natural. Most commercial “soaps”
today are really detergents loaded with
chemicals that irritate the skin and
upset it’s natural balances. I only use
and recommend hand-made soaps or very
mild cleansers. The best place to find
these hand-made soaps and cleansers are
alternative medicine retailers, health
food stores and the internet.

The skin is no different than life in
that you need balance to be at peace
with yourself. You need effective
solutions that will not cause extreme
side effects. If you want to see an
example of extreme un-balance examine
chemo therapy. Many patient’s undergoing
chemo loose their hair, many get
brutally sick, etc., because the body is
not meant to go thru this type of
intense therapy.

More on that next issue…

— This information is not a substitute
for medical advice or treatment for any
medical conditions. You should seek
prompt medical care for any specific
health issues and consult your physician
or health practitioner before starting a
new supplement regiment, herbal therapy,
or other self-directed treatment. —

About The Author

Michael Hrenko is the founder of
ePsoriasis, LLC. The company specializes
in teaching how he and others have
overcome psoriasis and eczema without a
doctor, prescriptions, expensive
treatments, and difficult fasting diets.
Claim your free copy of The Lazy
Person’s Guide to Beating Psoriasis at
as a one-time-only promotion.

(c) Copyright 2005, ePsoriasis, LLC


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