Ali asks a follow up question on weight loss and fitness

Ali writes :


Thanks for the information. I dont drink
milk, is soy milk just as good. I am 5’4,
120. I just want to get leaner and gain
more muscle, mostly abs. I drink a lot of
juice everyday(carrot,grapefruit) about 90-
100 g of sugar, but thats the only fruit it
get. Also drink coffee w/ sugar, is that
what is stopping me from getting the
results i want?


I know that a lot of people talk about the
health benefits of soy, but in my
experience, soy has added to my body fat.
I experimented with this by drinking soy
milk for a couple of weeks.

The other problem is that soy is not a
complete protein, that means it does not
have a full set of amino acids. So by
itself, it is not able to completely
replenish your amino acid supply.

Amino acids are the building blocks of
protein, therefore the building blocks of

You may want to try the tuna or chicken if
you don’t drink skim milk.

If the juice that you are drinking is concentrate or frozen or
comes in a bottle, it is not helping you much. I personally avoid
refined or processed juices that come in a glass or plastic

If you have a juicer at home and you are making fresh juice then
that is the best. There are many beneficial plant chemicals to be
found in freshly made juice from a juicer. It is best to consume
the fresh juice immediately. As time goes by you lose more of
the beneficial plant chemicals that come in fresh juice. These
are known as phytochemicals.

The processed juices from the store are very acidic and most of
the useful plant chemicals are gone.

There are those who would say that those processed juices are
dead, empty calories that are just not good for you.

If you are looking to put ‘good calories’ into your body, ditch
the processed juice.

Could the juices and soy be adding unwanted fat to your
body? That is difficult to say. But if you are drinking
those juices that are loaded with sugar with any meal that
has much fat in it, that might be a problem.

Coffee is best black. In theory if you are adding sugar and
drinking the coffee on an empty stomach, it shouldn’t be
that bad. But if you are drinking the sugared coffee with a
meal that contains fat or any other food that contains fat,
then it could be contributing to your weight problem.

In my theory FAT + carbs (sugar is a simple carb) = fat on
the body.

Fat and protein together work well. Sugar and carbs without
fat also work well.

You cannot live without Fat and you cannot live well without
carbs. For carbs, try the thermogenic complex carbs,
especially after a workout.

I don’t know everything about your diet – so I can’t really
render any advice here. This is just for information only
and is largely my opinion. Even experts disagree on
nutritional matters. Seek the advice of a physician or
dietician before radically altering your diet.

Hope that helps. Thanks for writing in again! Write any


This conversation stems out of my
Health Line Mailing List.

This post was for information purposes only. Every person
is different andhas a different set of circumstances in regard
to their body and health condition. Be sure not to use this
information and to consult a physician if you need diet or
exercise advice.

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