Ali asks a question on fitness and weight loss

Ali writes in from the Health
Line Mailing List

> David, > > Just have a simple question. >
> I’m a 20 year female. > I run about 40-50
miles a week. I lift wieghts about > 4-5
times a week. I wiegh 120. How many grams
of > protien should i consume a day? I’m
trying to loose a > little body fat and get
slimmer should i eliminate > sugar?

Hi Ali,

thanks for writing.

for someone invovled in endurance training
(such as the running you are doing) it is
generally thought by experts that an
adequate amount of protein is around 1 to
1.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body
weight per day.

someone who just lifts weights or lives an
average life would only need about 0.8 grams
of protein per kg of weight/per day.

My personal opinion is that how often you
consume protein is also important. I remember
studying in school that you should have a
complete protein every 8 hours or your body
will begin to take the protein from your muscle

Since you are lifting weights you probably don’t want that.

If I wanted to avoid that, I would drink a glass of skim milk
or eat a little bit of tuna or chicken every eight hours.
(but only if I was worried that I wasn’t getting enough
protein during regular meals – if I was, there would be no
point in getting the extra protein in)

Too much protein taxes the kidneys, so you have to keep
that in mind when considering how much protein to consume.

I don’t know how tall you are, but it seems to me that unless
you are very short that 120 pounds is not bad.

Are you sure you need to lose any more weight?
You should be pretty tone from running and lifting and
muslce DOES weigh more than fat but that is a good thing.

I would think twice about dropping any more weight.
You are probably at a good weight unless you are very

As for sugar, you cannot and should not eliminate it from
your diet, unless a doctor says to for some health condition.

There is nothing wrong with sugar. In my opinion, it is
mixing sugar and fat together that can lead to too much
fat on the body.

So for me personally, I like to avoid mixing sugar and fat.
But each is fine seperately.

This email is for information only, I’m not a dietician or a
physician and I have no way of knowing what your
particular situation is. Be sure to visit a physician
before making any radical dietary changes. He or
she can examine you fully, take a history, etc. and help
you figure out what is best for you.

Ali, thanks for writing in, it was great hearing from you,
please feel free to write in at any time.


PS: Hi Ali,

I see that I didn’t quite answer your question.
Here is what I noticed that might help you.

When I consumed skim milk or tuna every 8 hours
I found that my body became more tone and I lost
fat even though I was not doing any extra workouts-
just my usual routine.

i hope that helps.
Good luck Ali,


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