Day 3 on Revivogen

Day 3 on Revivogen

I really like the scalp therapy, shampoo and conditioner.

Individual hair strands are thicker, stronger and just seem healthier overall.

I only lost 5 hairs this morning, two before and three after the shower. I observed no hair fallout in the shower. (of course this is not scientific) There is no way I could see every hair, but used as a comparison to the past, I think it is a good subjective guage.

Now, I have been using the scalp therapy, the shampoo and the conditioner. I can see my scalp looking better and my hair even reacts better to stronger winds.

This is only day three on this product.

I’m not seeing my scalp look oily or shiny like it has in the past.
I have noticed that people with receding hairlines often have any oily look to the scalp and yet the hair itself looks dry.

I think this is because most shampoos don’t seem to clean the scalp and yet they overclean the hair.

I am a big fan of cold water rinses after shampooing, but the revivogen shampoo and conditioner labels say to use warm water. So far, I have not seen any problems like what I would expect with ‘other’ shampoos – such as dry hair and more fallout from not ‘closing’ the follicles with cold water rinse.

It’s only day three but I think this stuff I am feeling
very positive about it at this point.

I am seeing more of the terminal vellus hairs becoming visible under sunlight, this is a good sign. If this hairs continue to thicken that will be a very good sign.

I’ll keep you posted.


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