A funny story about Asthma (not)

This is a funny story and it is true.
It is true but not real.

let me explain.

I was in Chicago a few years back.

If you have ever experienced city
life than you know there are all kinds
of scam artists who come up to you
for money.

Most of them only want pocket change or
what not, but sometimes they ask for
larger amounts.

When they do, they usually concoct these
wild stories to help them get the money
out of your wallet.

So it was late at night and I was just
outside walking sort of aimlessly,
enjoying the quiet.

When this young entrepreneur spies me
from across the street. He comes
running up at a good pace. But then he
starts wheezing pretty heavily.

I saw what was next before it happened.
I don’t know if you have moments like that,
but sometimes you just ‘know’.

Anyway, the guy holds up this presumably
empty asthma inhaler. In between wheezes,
he says, “Can you help me out? My puffer
just ran out. I need $36.50 for a new one.
(might have been $24 or something like that)
It was more than your usual 1.00 or .50 .

I had to start laughing and I told him he was

a good actor.

He said, without breaking character, “Does that
mean you are not going to help me?”

I said, “Yes, that means I’m not going to help you”.

And he went scurrying off at a pretty good pace for
someone who couldn’t breathe!

So you see, this was a true story in the sense that
it really happened but it isn’t real in the sense that
the guy was not in desperate need of an inhaler.

But some people do have asthma and it can get
quite serious.

That’s why I like to tell people to go over to

If you look on the left hand column, you’ll see what
I mean.

All the best,


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