A Mesothelioma is a tumor that grows from mesothelial cells.

Mesothelial cells are cells that line body cavities. Inside
the lungs or heart, inside blood vessels, – generally any
hollow area (cavity) may be lined with mesothelial cells.

The term malignant tumor (as opposed to benign tumors)
means cancerous. Benign would be non-cancerous.

The majority of malignant mesotheliomas are caused by
exposure to asbestos ( a form of insulation)

A combination of tobaco and asbestos exposure statistically
increases the risk of pleural (lung) mesothelioma.

Asbestos is a magnesium silicate that is fireproof and
chemically resistant. It has been used in insulation and
brake linings as well as other applications.

Malignant mesothelioma is generally fatal with an
expected average survival time of 11 months.
(but miracles can happen, never forget that)

Sex and race are not a factor,
asbestos exposure is considered the main factor.

However, the ratio of men to women with mesothelioma is 3:1.

Which makes sense because typically women would have less
exposure to asbestos than their male counterparts.

The disease can develop 35 to 40 years after exposure and usually occurs in
50 to 70 year olds.

Difficulty in breathing is the main symptom.

X-rays are a diagnostic tool often used to find
malignant mesothelioma.

Their is a typical oozing of fluid into the affected
cavity. This along with trouble in breathing are
two of the main symptoms.

They can tell if it is malignant or benign with
a biopsy in 98% of the cases.

A combination of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy
may be the suggested treatment by your

Certainly consult your physician for up-to-date
information and treatment options .

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