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Please be advised that dental professionals do not believe it is possible to cure or stop gum disease also known as periodontal disease or gingivitis (in the beginning stage). They believe that the best that you can hope for is to control it. Therefore, you should always be under the care of a dentist when fighting or attempting to fight gum disease.

What I can share with you here is my personal experience with fighting gum disease. I cannot guarantee that you will have the same results. However, I can say that I have spoken with many people now who have had similar results to mine.

My personal results were that my gums stopped bleeding during dental cleanings, my pocket depths reduced to 'healthy' levels and my periodontal health went from relatively bad to relatively good.

Here is my story:

I was told that I was going to need a 'Scaling and Root Planing" (SRP) or "Deep Cleaning" ' by my hygienist and dentist. I was very surprised.

They said I had tarter buildup under the gum line. I had moderate periodontal  disease.

But I always took good care of my teeth, I silently protested to myself.

I did everything I was supposed too. I brushed many more times a day than recommended and I flossed virtually daily.

Then they told me what an 'under the gum' cleaning was and what it entailed. They wanted to use an anesthetic to kill the pain and then use a metal instrument to get underneath the gum and scrape from the neck of tooth all the way to the root.

I thought to myself, "that cannot be good for my gums". If anything it seemed to me they would do more damage than good.

Worse - They wanted to get started right away!.

Fortunately, I have enough experience and wisdom to know that it isn't always wise to do something spur of the moment, especially something like this.

I told them I needed to think it over and do some research.

That turned out to be one of the wiser moments of my life.

I went home and researched the heck out of gum disease and deep cleanings.

I stumbled across this:

The Hydrofloss






I got the Hydrofloss. I used it. I loved it.

And most importantly of all,


When I went back to my dentist and hygienist six months later they were impressed. It seems they believed I no longer needed the SRP treatment and that the tarter buildup was NO LONGER below the gum line.

My dentist even said, "keep it up".

Interestingly enough she didn't seem to care that she had previously told me not to get one. But if I hadn't gone ahead and bought the Hydrofloss contrary to her advice, I may not have had healthier gums.

And remember - I was on a mission to SAVE MY TEETH.

So I focused in with laser like intensity on how to use the Hydrofloss to keep my teeth and heal my gums!

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Once again, no one can guarantee that you will get results with the Hydro Floss but I can tell you that I certainly did and so have others that I have talked to.

Towards the health of your teeth and gums,

David Snape

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