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Don’t Be Too Shy To Call….

By david / September 3, 2009

Unfortunately, I don’t hear from enough people about my work.

I wish that more people would contact me and let me know how they
are improving.

Yesterday, I received a call and it really made me happy.

Here is the drift of the call: http://tobeinformed.com/982

I understand that many are shy about calling. But you wanted this information for a reason. Are you making the best use of it?

It is vitally important that you learn and understand. Only then, will you be better equipped to deal with this problem.

Do you know that the man who called me thanked me for helping to realize that the cause of his receding gums was gum disease? He thought it was normal and had to do with aging or something like that.
Most of the time that is erroneous thinking!

When you use the hydro floss or when your gums are probed – it should not hurt! If it does, then that is a classic sign that you probably have gum disease.

Conversely, when your gums become healthier, neither the hydro floss nor the probing from your doctor or hygienist will hurt!

Healthy gum tissue does not hurt when probed!


David Snape



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