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Growing Gum Tissue – More Commentary….

By david / August 20, 2009

Comment: Thanks for your quick answer. I had read bout GTR and had hoped it would bring me some relief. I’m in the Boston area so I thought I could get into a clinical trial at Tufts Dental School. Guess not. Thanks to better self-care, my gums are better now, so at least I hope the condition won’t get worse.



Yes, it should be very possible to stabilize your current situation. It should be a few more years before they will be able to repair gum tissue like this commercially

Hang in there for now. They can also grow teeth if there is any root left alive at all. However, it will also be some time before that makes it the commercial market – if ever.

You have to consider that there are industries that have a vested interest in the status quo and they are likely to fight to protect it. If not obviously, then behind the scenes.

Sad fact of human nature…

Self care and self awareness are our best defenses as far as I can tell.




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