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Does This Dentist Care About The Patient Or The Referral Fee?

You have every right to get a second, third and even fourth opinion, if you feel uncomfortable with a diagnosis or treatment plan. I have saved much money, pain and hassle by adopting this philosophy. You will find that opinions often differ among the professionals you see. You may wonder what is going on – and rightly so….”

Comment sent by email:

Just wanted to tell you about my dentist. I made my 6 month check-up appointment and he refused to see me unless I had the surgery done by the periodontist that he sent me to. I told him I just wanted my check-up and also to check the sizes of the pockets he said I had. I wanted to check them against the ones the periodontist gave me.

I have been using the hydrofloss and toothpaste/mouthwash by Dr. Katz for about 2 months so I wanted to see if there was any change. I am sure my gums are doing really well.

Right now, I am looking for a new dentist. I can’t believe he told me he would not see me unless I had the surgery even when I told him I didn’t want the surgery and I had alternate suggestions that the periodontist told me. He said I should have my teeth cleaned every 3 months if I didn’t want the surgery.



My Reply:


Hi Lynn,

Good to hear from you!

Unbelievable, isn’t it? I guess his true colors have come out. The part they don’t tell you is that the dentist often gets a referral fee from the periodontist. Therefore, he most likely would have made money from this situation. Sounds an awful lot like he is mad that he isn’t getting his referral fee, doesn’t it?

If it were me personally, instead of finding a regular dentist. Just go to a periodontist ( a different one).

If there is a problem with your teeth, let the periodontist refer you to a regular dentist. My opinion is that is the better way to go. That’s how I do it.

Again, finding good professionals that you can actually trust takes a bit of work and you may have to try a few out – but there are some good ones out there. Though, I have to say, it isn’t always easy to find them.

As for your progress: What you will want to do is have your new periodontist check your pocket depths – They should do that automatically as part of your initial exam. This is your baseline to gauge future improvement. Anything over 3mm is generally considered a problem.


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