Dying From Leukemia…

By david / July 15, 2009


My 57 year old brother has been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. After chemo therapy treatments a transplant of my stem cells was done. we are 100% compatible. Everything went great and he actually went back to work two weeks ago. Unfortunately, it seems that the chemo therapy did not eliminate completely the cancer cells and now they are showing in a very aggressive way, 70% of his blood cells are blasts or cancer cells. Aggressive chemo is not longer possible.
Can you suggest anything?

Thank you so much,

Name withheld


I’m sorry to hear of your brother’s troubles.

Of course, I advocate working closely with your physician. Chances are high that your doctor has not explored ALL possible approaches and avenues. They are unwilling to step beyond a certain point. I’m not saying anything bad here, it is just that when medicine fails us, especially when we are about to die or have a loved one that is and medicine has no further answers – we have no choice but to explore alternatives.

Again, you should not do anything without the approval or at least ok of your physician. But here are a few things I can almost guarantee your physician has not explored.

1. Here is a book that contains hundreds of natural cancer treatments that have worked for others. They also have hundreds of stories of those who successfully defeated their cancers. I guarantee you will find stuff in this book that your doctor hasn’t even considered in his dreams. Here is the link to learn more: http://tobeinformed.com/825/

2. If you need a scientific based approach or at least some ideas from someone who is scientifically trained get the book: How to Fight Cancer and Win – in this book you will learn of things that modern doctor’s either don’t know or don’t talk about.

3. Find the original Essiac formula on the Internet and start making your own Essiac tea at home. The story is that a nurse named Renee Caisse obtained this formula from native American Indians. Rumor has it that she cured thousands of people of cancer with this formula, many were considered ‘beyond hope’ by doctors.

4. Find a clinic in a city near you that does Ozone Therapy. This would be a clinic run by licensed medical doctors who have recognized the benefit of ozone therapy that is not recognized by the mainstream. Many have found this therapy to be very powerful.

5. There is a yahoo e-group that goes by the name of ‘ozone-therapy’ or something close to that. It is run by a doctor and you can ask questions about ozone therapy there.

6. Here are a few other resources to take a look at:


On that page you will find a link to Bernie Siegel’s book, Love, Medicine and Miracles – get that book and anything else Bernie has published (videos, etc – it can give you hope.)

7. I have personally met someone who told me that she believed this spiritual practice cured her terminal cancer: http://www.falundafa.org

8. Don’t stop looking for answers.

Again, work with your physician and get his approval on anything you investigate before trying it. At least he can tell you whether it would hurt to try it or not.

Best wishes and please let me know how it goes for you!


David Snape

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