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Lynn’s View of the HydroFloss and My Work…


I went to the periodontist and he wanted to do laser surgery. I purchased the hydrofloss along with the mouthwash and toothpaste from Dr. Katz. My gums look good and feel great. (My gums never were red or swollen and they did not bleed, that is why I was dubious about the surgery).

Of course I was not going to have the surgery because I heard from another dentist that it could cause more damage than what it is worth.

I called my perodontics office and ask if there was an alternative to sugery. They told me that if my pockets were more that 3 mm that I could not clean the pockets myself. I would need a dental hygienist to clean them every 3 months and that my pockets probably would not get any smaller but the hygienist could keep them much cleaner than I could.

They did not tell me about the hydrofloss but I heard it from a friend of mine who is a dental hygienist. That is how I learned about you.

Isn’t it strange they don’t want to tell you about using the hydrofloss?

I’m using the hydrofloss and it works great. I believe my pockets are much smaller and I am going to keep track of the sizes when I get my teeth cleaned next week.

Thanks for all the information about gum disease.

Lynn [last name omitted for confidentiality]


Response: Thanks Lynn! I dare to say that you are right on with this experience. Thank you for sharing. I hope that other’s can learn and benefit from what you have shared.

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