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Protect Your Right To Get Supplements and Over The Counter Medications – Watch Out For the Drug Companies…

It seems that the drug companies are always pushing to make some basic over-the-counter items as well as supplements unattainable to the public without a doctor’s prescription.

This is something that every man, woman and child should be aware of and on the lookout for.

If they can make it so that you have to go to a doctor to get something very basic like vitamin C or Echinacea – they will!!!

Their(the drug companies) money seems to be waiting to corrupt our government officials and agencies (FDA especially) any chance they get.

From approving dangerous substances such as NutraSweet to attempting a ban on or to limit your access to healthy ones such as vitamins – they just plain want to.

Always be aware of legislation coming up and make sure that your congressmen and senators are aware of your feelings about preserving your ability to go to the store and buy folic acid or other vitamins and supplements. Even your right to buy aspirin comes under fire…

It is unbelievable how much power these drug companies wield with their money and of course the American Medical Association also would not mind if you had to go to the doctor to get a prescription for the B vitamins and all other vitamins as well.

Think I’m kidding about this? You has better think twice! This is a serious ONGOING threat to your health and your wallet. Be on the lookout. Seriously.

Did you know that a simple supplement like glucosamine sulfate is already presented very differently here than in Europe?

Take a look at a bottle of this supplement from Germany and the bottle tells you exactly what Glucosamine Sulfate can do to help your joints. Then look at a bottle from the United States. NOTHING mentioned about how it can help your joints or provide any benefit to you at all. That’s because there are laws preventing them from saying anything about how it can help you!

If you don’t already know, you won’t have a clue.

Oh and now that I have said that I am obligated under FDA regulations to say this: The USFDA has not evaluated statements about any products on this site, this post or page. Go to your doctor if you have or think you might have any health problem at all…

Oh and here is another little tid bit: Just because a study has not proven something to be true, does not mean that it is not true… Think about that….

Also, just because a study proves something to be true, does not mean that it is true… Why do we have drug recalls?

Why do you think people are always concerned about WHO (no pun intended on the World Health Organization) funded a study? Could it be because the hand that feeds dictates what the end result of the study will be?

It takes a number of studies from independent sources to get to a consensus that can be trusted – and even then – you have to evaluate the data and the information carefully.

Do you think aspartame safe simply because the FDA says so? I can’t begin to tell you all of the horror stories I have heard and you can simply do a search for the ‘dangers of aspartame’ and you will see for yourself. It goes other names too, including a popular brand name that starts with an ‘N’.

Yet, this artificial sweetener is in many of the energy drinks, sodas, diet sodas, flavorings and many other foods and drinks out there on the market place today.

Protect your right to buy vitamins and supplements and do something about bogus substances the FDA ‘allows’ while trying to ban the healthy ones from your reach (without a prescription) that is.

I’m tired of this nonsense – And you should be too.

David Snape

Author: What You Should Know about Gum Disease

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