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Reader Feedback – How To Stop Gum Disease…

Hello David,

I am more enlightened now! shame about the dentist not saying all these things!!

I felt rather patronized by my dentist and the therapist (hygienist) with whom I feel has a grudge against me as I accidentally nudged her arm when she was injecting my gums!!I was worse off as the needle went further in my gums!!it was a relax action nothing else no malicious intent!!well with an armless chair to grab on to what else do you do!!!!!
since then after the 2nd apt to clear debris from my lower teeth the therapist didn’t wait long enough for the injection to take hold so was a very painful process!!!

since then I have needed to go back but as I say I felt patronized, looked down on and whatever I said fell on unsympathetic ears!!I feel nervous at the dentist to start with but this might end up costing my gum health as to how they have made me feel now!

I do know that the past year has been stressful for me and I known this has been a manifestation of stress (or it has exacerbated the problem!!) looking forward to the next email … [name withheld]

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