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Reminder: Bonus Pak Sale Is Ending Soon…

Don’t forget: Our BONUS PAK SALE ENDS TOMORROW!!! [more info]

Hi David –
Here is the third installment of the TheraBreath Oral Care Podcast series.


Click Here for the Podcast


In this short segment, Dr. Katz goes over the best way to apply TheraBreath every day. It’s all very straight forward, but some of our patients said they would like to have Dr. Katz go over the regimen step by step. We love to make you happy, so here you go!
Take a couple of minutes to have the inventor of the TheraBreath system demonstrate exactly how you should use the products on a daily basis (just click this link or the preview below to watch).

“What is the best and most effective method of using TheraBreath on a daily basis?”
Dr. Katz shows you how in under 2 minutes
[ click here to watch ] ________________________________________
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