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The Solution:

Dr. Katz has a solution for Tonsil Stones that works. Here is what one satisfied customer had to say:

“I did not know what I had going on in my throat until this year. I ‘had’ tonsil stones. I ordered Aktiv Oxigen Serum, tablets and the kit and 14 days later I had no sign of any tonsil stones. My mouth and tongue have never felt and looked this good!”
-Lin N. (Reno, NV)

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Tonsil stones are white or yellowish deposits that reside within the folds of our tonsils. If you don’t have tonsils, you are not likely to get tonsil stones. The problem with tonsil stones is that they often smell. They can contribute to your bad breath.

Please notice that I did not say that they cause bad breath. They actually come into being, at least partially, from the bacteria living on your tongue who create the compounds that make tonsil stones begin to smell.

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