Alcoholism and Death

By Dave / April 25, 2007

bottlesOn the way home from school. Just as she got off the bus and started to enter the gate area, it happened. She was struck and killed by a drunk driver. In fact, the entire guard shack at the entrance to her apartment complex was taken out by a semi driven by someone under the influence.

Ironically, this young woman was the president of S.A.D.D (Students against drunk driving) at her local high school. She was outspoken when it came to the terrible affects of alcohol on one’s ability to drive a vehicle.

Strange that such a death should occur in this particular way, isn’t it?

It appears that the demons of alcohol strike with a vengeance in more ways than one. The highly addictive quality of alcohol has gone unchallenged for centuries.

alcohol- abuse


Yet, its affects have been felt for an equally long period of time. Murder, manslaughter and many other personal tragedies and disasters have struck, largely influenced by the effects of alcohol on the human mind.

What is so attractive about drinking? The ‘high’ is temporary, it wears off and then pain sets in. None-the-less people want to ride that roller coaster over and over again. How many brain cells have passed by the wayside as a result?


Alcohol abuse is not attractive. It wastes the body and the mind. People die early deaths and sometimes even kill others while ‘under the influence’.

Liquor stores abound, ready to feed this nasty habit. Indeed, if it weren’t for alcohol abuse, there might not be so many purveyors of ethanol in business.

I’m delighted that I don’t sell alcohol to others, knowing what it can do to people. On the other hand, it is not really the sellers that are to blame, is it?

What people do with alcohol is the problem. Abusing it creates problems for oneself and for society. There is only really one way out for the addict.

Fighting addiction with stern willpower is the best way to overcome an addiction. Removing oneself from the environment that enables such abuse is very helpful. Without doing so, it is so easy to slip into old behaviors. Alcohol rehab , could be the way to go to cover both areas.


The people we know shape our environment. If they are all people that enjoy drinking to excess, then perhaps it is time to make new friends? Better to move away than to lose one’s life in, and eventually to, alcohol.

It is sad to hear all of the depressing tales of loss to an alcohol addiction. My own boss died at a young age. He couldn’t really function without a drink. It brought his life to an end at an early age.

Human life is so fragile and precious. It wasn’t meant to be used up in such a way.

Many people have beaten their addictions to both drugs and alcohol through the practice of Falun Gong. You can learn the exercises of Falun Gong for free on the website or from a volunteer instructor available in major cities around the globe.

Better to do some exercise, meditation and learn about Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance than to lose one’s life to an alcohol addiction.

Wouldn’t you agree?

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