The Value of Raw Milk…

milkWhen I talk about drinking raw milk, there are plenty of people who look at me like I’m completely crazy.

They almost invariable ask something along the line of, “Is that safe?”

Well, didn’t our ancestors do it for thousands of years? There was no pasteurization back in the day.

In fact, if you haven’t tried raw milk, you are seriously missing out.

Could it be the the pasteurized, homogenized version you have been drinking is actually NOT good for you?

Think I’m full of it? 🙂

Well, I can only tell you from my personal experience. Some may call my personal experience subjective or whatever – but it is my experience.

Fortunately, there are many people out there who have had personal experience with raw milk. They have talked about their good experiences too! People like us scratch our heads and wonder why people are so woefully ignorant about the benefits of raw milk.

Anyway, by now, you probably know that I wrote the book: What You Should Know about Gum Disease.

So, I’m a little bit obsessed with gum health.

Now, what I noticed with drinking raw milk is not that my gums got healthier – because they are already pretty darn healthy. But instead, I noticed that my tissue appeared to get thicker or stronger.

And when I was unable to get raw milk due to the season, my gums would not look quite as good – although they were technically considered healthy, I could still tell a difference.

I personally believe this has something to do with probiotics. There are healthy bacteria in our gut – everyone knows that.

But our mouth can be viewed simply as an extension of our gut. In fact, in medical schools this is exactly what they teach: your lips, tongue and mouth are part of your alimentary canal – that tube that goes through your body by which you process your food.

So, if there are healthy bacteria for the gut, why not for the mouth too? And think about this: If you have ‘healthy’ bacteria in your mouth, they may effectively provide a barrier from ‘bad’ bacteria from taking a foot hold.

It’s just like a garden, if there are good things growing in your garden, sure you still have to pull the weeds out, but there sure is a lot less room for the weeds, right?

So, do I think drinking raw milk is good. You bet I do.

As far as getting those weeds or bad bacteria out or keeping them to a minimum. Get your free report : how to stop gum disease

Are there people who disagree with me about raw milk? You bet there are. Many of them have their reasons. For many of them, I can’t say that their reasons are ‘honest’ ones. They seem to be motivated by something else.

Perhaps they are part of a powerful industry that stands to gain financially from pasteurized, dead milk?

I just visited a government website about how only pasteurized milk is safe… It is really hard fight for awareness when even the government is making an honest (but misguided and in my opinion uninformed) attempt to stomp out the drinking of unpasteurized milk.

Perhaps they have other reasons. I can only tell you my personal experience. Here is one more for you:

Raw milk tastes a whole lot better than pasteurized ‘dead’ milk.

Now, I can’t make any medical claims and I suppose it is really true that if there was an abundance of ‘bad’ bacteria in the raw milk, you could get sick or even die. But I would suspect that the bad bacteria didn’t come from the cow but rather by people who mishandled that milk.

Then again, think of all of the people who have suffered from lactose intolerance. When they switch to raw milk, many of them suddenly discover that they can drink milk just fine.

Raw milk is rich in enzymes and probiotics that ‘dead’ milk just doesn’t have. It has been pasteruized out. All of the nutrition is gone. There is just dead protein and sugar left.

Our ancestors drank raw milk and we made it to the present, modern age. I know that many people don’t believe in God today – but whatever intelligence set things in motion or whatever effects evolution have had on us – our ancestors drank animal milk – that is a fact that even the ‘dead’ milk advocates cannot deny.

I know for sure there are going to be people that don’t like what I wrote here. I really don’t know what to say to those people. Maybe the beneficial effects of raw milk have not been studied the way they should have been?

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David Snape:

Author: What You Should Know about Gum Disease.

Now, I’m careful not to make medical claims on this site. So, understand that what I have said is my experience for information purposes only. It was not meant to diagnose, treat or advise on any health matter. If you have or think you might have some health problem, contact your doctor for advice, diagnosis and treatment.

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