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Anything Else I Can Do About Heart Disease?

By david / June 14, 2009


In Oct 2002 I developed severe chest pain while strolling in the park and had to be shifted to Fortis heart center. There I underwent angiography and was diagnosed as suffering from 100% blockages in LCx and OM1. On op table i was asked whether i can deposit Rs two lakh for angioplasty. I showed my inability to arrange this amount by next morning.

The attending doctor consoled me to not to worry and take following medicines regularly besides having regular consultations. The prescribed medicines are:- Morning after Breakfast– TELSAR-A / FLAVIDON-MR /FOLVIT; At noon After Lunch – IMDUR-30/ CLOPIVAS-75 ; At Night after Bed time- SIMVAS-20 and DILZEM-SR 90.

During my next consultation Doctor reviwed the CD of my Angiography and suggested that since there are some small bypass sub arteries supplying continuous blood circulation as such i should continue taking prescribed medicines.

So far I have not developed any further problem and continuing above medicines.

Would someone suggest me further course of action at this stage?



I think that if your doctor is happy with your progress and you managed to avoid surgery, it sounds like you did pretty well for yourself.

But, if you would like some information about heart disease that may give you thoughts, ideas and knowledge that you didn’t have before, try this.

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*This post is for information only. If you have or think you might have heart disease or any other health problems, visit your doctor for advice, diagnosis and treatment.

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