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aktiv k12 ProBiotics Coupon Codes…

Aktiv K12 Probiotics for the mouth.  According to Dr. Katz research this particular strain of probiotics are a bit rare.  It is found in the mouths of people who do not suffer from bad breath.

The idea behind probiotics is that it is a lot like the digestive system.  You likely have heard of some people who will use probiotics for their intestines (or gut) after a round of antibiotics.  Many people feel that using some strong antibiotics can kill off the useful and helpful kinds of bacteria that inhabit our intestines.

We have a long symbiotic relationship with these bacteria. That is why they are often called ‘healthy’ bacteria.  When these healthy populations exist, then it is possible for them to occupy the spaces that other kinds of ‘bad bacteria’ might inhabit.

This is the theory.

For the mouth, a similar theory exists.  Healthy populations of ‘good’ bacteria, may be helpful in keeping the ‘bad’ bacteria away.   This could have a very important and significant impact on your dental health, possibly including bad breath.

Since Dr. Katz is an expert on bad breath, then he must believe these probiotics to be helpful or beneficial to the the health of your mouth.

In time, as our understanding of the human body and dental health improve, we will likely begin to understand treatments such as this one a whole lot more.  But for now, most people still have not heard of the Aktiv K12 Probiotic strain.

If putting live strains of ‘healthy’ bacteria in your mouth does not appeal to you, do not worry!  I am certain that you are not alone.   If you click on the coupon link below, you will be transported to a site where other great remedies for bad breath are offered by the same doctor mentioned above.  He has really devoted a lot of time to conquering this problem.

Here are some coupon codes to help with your purchase of Aktiv k12:

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a-fg10 – ten percent off total purchase plus a free therabreath basics kit (free shipping also). This coupon is for orders over $100 .

b-fg5 For orders over $60 – You get $5 off plus free shipping.

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If you would like to watch a helpful video on how to use these coupon codes, I have one. It is for a different product, but the coupon codes work the same way.

Here is the video:

You can also find more coupon codes at http://therabreathcoupon.com

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