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Stopping Gum Disease – Limited Time Offer for Digital version of What You Should Know about Gum Disease…

book[2]I know a lot of people are confused about gum disease and what it is, let alone how to stop it. I’m a big believer that what you know about gum disease is far more important than the products you use to combat it. A little knowledge can help you to understand and defeat gum disease. This is my attempt to help ease the burden and the learning curve for you. If you have any doubts about the value of this information, please scroll down and read just a few of the many testimonials related to this book.

This is knowledge that you most likely are not going to get from your dentist. Some might show you a video or two and ‘talk’ to you about gum disease. But, realistically speaking: How much time do you really have with them to absorb, understand and know what to do with the information?

This is part of the reason why my book: What You Should Know about Gum Disease is so valuable. Gum disease is far more wide-spread than you might possibly imagine. And, contrary to popular opinion, it is not a disease that ‘comes from’ aging. Children get gum disease too!

Anyway, to make things easier for you to start understanding and tackling this problem, I am making a special offer. You will get a free copy of my e-book: What You Should Know about Gum Disease, valued at $29 dollars – which you can see here, when you purchase one of the products below from this page. This offer expires on Thursday, May 21st, 2009 at midnight! Simply forward your receipt form the purchase of any of the products below to to David @ tobeinformed.com – and I will forward the e-book version of my book to you. (You must click through the links on this page to purchase the product – otherwise it does not count – sorry.)

Here are some of the products that may be useful to you in your fight against gum disease:


1. Internationally available: 4 or more bottles of Ora MD – either Regular or Extra Strength. Click Here to read and purchase.










2. US only: $100 or greater purchase of any combination of Perio-Therapy formulas – Use coupon code a-fg10 to get 10% off, free shipping and a free Basics Kit. Click here to see the Perio Therapy products and purchase.








3. US Only: A Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator: Use this coupon code for free shipping and a tube of Perio Therapy Toothpaste. Click here to read about it or purchase









4. US Only: A Home Ozone Generator – I use it to oxygenate water at home (which I use as a mouth rinse) Use coupon code a-ozn20 to get a 20% discount, free oxygenated toothpaste and free oxygenated mouthwash. Click here to read more or purchase.






Simply purchase any one of the above, forward your receipt to David @ tobeinformed.com and I will send you a digital copy of my e-book: What You Should Know about Gum Disease (approximately 278 pages of good information). Read below to see why this is an excellent offer…


Hi Dave,

I am doing great thanks to your book and the buying of a hydro floss plus the 3 deep cleans I had, I am completely free of gum disease my periodontist said he did not expect this kind of result and I did not even really need my last deep clean. He also said wait for it my gums were as healthy as a teenagers! Praise indeed. He was impressed with the hydro floss and said he will be recommending to his clients. I think I should be on commission for them I think I have got at least 10 people to buy one!ha ha thanks again.


Hi David,

I read your literature, took your advice and had the BEST dental checkup today in years! There was some pain during the cleaning but nothing like it had been. I could tolerate the whole process much better. The dental hygienist was very impressed with my home care. My gums weren’t inflamed like they had been. Usually when the hygienist checked the pocket depths, it felt like she was shoving straight pins into my gums. There were just a few areas where I still got that sensation…

…I am personally convinced that they work. I don’t need anymore proof than what I have personally experienced. I really am grateful for your information. I was initially skeptical but am a true believer now. Thank you!


I love this book. It is a great resource for those interested in improving or achieving periodontal health. — Stan Wint, DDS Periodontist


Hi David…Just wanted to say hello. I am a Dental Hygienist who has been in practice for over 33 years.

I want to commend you on your information. It is great and I hope it reaches out to many, many people.

I am a very good hygienist, both as far as my clinical skills and communication skills, but I know very well that the answer to people keeping their gum disease under control is really, mostly in their own hands… -Hillary, PA



Be sure to hurry – act now – this offer expires on Thursday, May 21st at midnight…

Please contact me with any questions you may have.


David Snape

Author: What You Should Know about Gum Disease


PS: All of the products above come with money back guarantees from the retailers who sell them – so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Disclaimer: This page is for information and entertainment purposes only. It does not intend to render advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have or think you might have gum disease or any other health problem, visit your periodontist or physician for advice, diagnosis and treatment. The USFDA has not evaluated statements about products on this page.

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