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Tumors All Over the Body…. What Can You Do?

Michael wrote:

angelabIm 46 years old. Ive had since I was 8 tumors all over my body and over 60 (SIXTY) removed from my mouth.

I was told by the surgeon they had no idea what was causing them other than most of them appeared while my teeth were forming and growing I literally would have 2 to 3 tumors removed with 1 or 2 teeth.

I have only 12 teeth left and they are in bad condition. Your input would be greatly appreciated.

I haven’t seen my doctor in 20 years and he passed away years
ago and my files about my teeth and tumors are no where to be found. I have been taking [product name removed since I don’t know of or haven’t experienced this product myself] since December and a large tumor on my finger disappeared.

Definitely love to hear what you think about that ?



Hi Michael,

I’m really sad to hear of this problem. I hope that you can find a solution very soon.

I don’t know that your tumor problems are due to your teeth. It’s sad that they removed so many teeth, as that leads to many other problems.

You have not been to a doctor about this in 20 years? That’s quite a long time.

When you say the teeth that are left are in bad shape, what do you mean exactly? Are they loose? Broken? Decayed? Do you have implants or dentures to replace the missing teeth?

Anyway, despite that, your major concern, in my opinion, should not be your teeth at this time. (Although you should definitely have your dental problems addressed immediately as well).

You need to understand and solve this underlying tumor problem.

I would start going to as many doctors as it took to figure it out. You haven’t been to one in 20 years so there may be answers and diagnostic techniques that exist today that can help figure out and solve your problem.

I would visit all types of doctors including MDs and also alternative ones – don’t limit yourself to one type of doctor.

That means homeopathic doctors, Chinese medicine doctors and naturopaths as well as the traditional MDs

I would also find a doctor that would do ozone therapy on me.

You need to look around. It is hard to know what is causing your tumors. If it were a viral problem, ozone therapy may be helpful. But even if the root cause is some other issue or problem, ozone therapy might be your ticket:

Consider Dr. Saul Pressman – he has an email group on yahoo,

Consider joining it: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ozonetherapy

Also, I have met and talked to many people who have had remarkable healing experiences with Falun Gong – a Chinese (in origin) practice that many in the West are now embracing. You can read more about it at http://falundafa.org

Whatever you do, don’t give up.

Good luck Michael, Please keep me posted on your situation.


David Snape.



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