Home Ozone Generator Uses…

Ozone can be used to treat periodontal disease

It can be used to clean fruits and vegetables.

It has been used to reduce infections

It can kill bacteria and viruses

Put some in with your laundry and it can reduce the amount of soap you need.

O3 (ozone’s chemical symbol) is 5 times more powerful than molecular chlorine at killing viruses and bacteria

People drink ozonated water for health reasons

You can use a Home Ozone Generator to make ozanted water that cleans your toothbrush

People make ozonated oils and they eat a tablespoon or two per day

Some receive it through the rectum or vagina or ear

Some would say that ozone can treat cancer

Some say it can kill the herpes virus and other viruses that attack the body.

Ozone is very well used in Europe – especially Germany

It is used for purifying water

Some use ozonated oils topically to treat skin conditions

There is much more…

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