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Leukemia Treatment Failure – Are There Alternatives?

I just read the story of a young man in England who is dying of leukemia. He has been through chemotherapy and radiation therapy twice. He has also had a bone marrow transplant. He has suffered through the side effects of the new bone marrow attacking his body. He has been on steroids and other drugs.

His cancer returned despite all of the treatment. He lost his girlfriend, he lost his job and he lost his flat and moved in with his parents. He is dying. He really believes that he will die.

I want to be very respectful and gentle because dying is a serious topic. However, what if there were alternatives that may help? I cannot speak for you, but it seems to me that if modern mainstream medicine failed me, I would turn to alternative medicine.

What about the work of Renee Caisse and her Essiac formula? What about the work of a German biochemist named Johanna Budwig? What about the excellent book: How To Fight Cancer and Win?

What about the work of Bernie Siegal – a cancer surgeon who found another way? There are people who have defeated cancer.

Again, I don’t mean to make light of a situation as serious as cancer or leukemia. But, is it prudent to except the fact that one is incurable because a few doctors following the protocals of allopathic medicine thought there was no hope? Stories abound of people who have successfully defeated their cancer or have been in remission so long that you might as well say they won the fight.

Here are some more things to explore: What about juicing wheat grass and vegetables. What about macrobiotic diets. What about….? The list is long.

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Since cancer is a serious disease, don’t take any chances. What I wrote here was for information and entertainment only. I certainly do not intend to provide advice, diagnosis or treatment suggestions for cancer. If you have or think you have any type of health condition at all, visit your doctor for advice, diagnosis and treatment. The USFDA certainly hasn’t evaluated any of the thoughts in this article, nor are they likely to if they continue to follow the trend of their history. Natural treatments are often ignored and not scientifically investigated. There is no one paying for such research.

When all else fails, what do you have to lose by trying? Next, learn more about natural cancer treatments through the links below.

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David Snape is the author of the book: What You Should Know about Gum Disease and enjoys writng about health, fitness and wellness topics. He also practices an excellent form of meditation called Falun Dafa – which he believes everyone should experience for themselves.

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