Gum Disease and Tooth Whitening….

By david / April 29, 2009

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Often, but not always, those who want to stop gum disease also
would like to have whiter teeth.

Staining goes hand-in-hand with high plaquing and therefore, those
who have gum disease often want to lighten the color of their teeth
as well.

Of course, having stained teeth does not automatically mean you
have gum disease…

If you have read my book, you are probably familiar with the
fact that I have many dental care stories to tell.

Here is one tip about teeth whitening – please don’t spend a lot of
money on getting your teeth whitened before reading what I wrote
on this topic.

Unless you are a movie star or a rock star, you don’t have to
spend a lot of money…

Read this to find out more


David Snape

Author: What You Should Know about Gum Disease



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