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Natural Cancer Alternatives – Why They Work…

By david / April 24, 2009

One of the most interesting things about modern medicine is the road of pharmaceuticals and surgery that we have taken. Have you ever considered that there might be alternative pathways of development?

To illustrate my point, I’m going to bring up a debate with ancient origins. At some point in ancient medicine there was a split. At the time of that split, there were two camps that emerged.

One camp believed in the concept of mechanism. That is that every part of the body can be broken down and understood in terms of simple mechanics or simple biological understandings.

Can you guess what the other camp believed? They believed in something that was called “Vitalism”. In the Vitalist camp was the idea that the body is regulated by an intelligent force that was capable of healing the body. This camp believed in working with the body and working with nature.

Later, the mechanists found that they could extract the ‘active’ ingredients in plants, synthesize them in a laboratory and then patent the synthesized chemical structure – which would be slightly altered in the process so that it was no longer the ‘natural’ chemical that could not be patented.

So, in the end, the mechanists stole from the vitalist camp. So, does that mean the vitalists won the fight in the end? Well, not really because the mechanists are still the predominant medical establishment today.

The vitalists are still around but they have been forced in to roles and professions that are more or less subservient to the mechanists. I beleive it is time for that to change.

But these natural remedies that come from plants in their natural form in nature still exists today. They use them for natural cancer treatments that work.

They use them to treat ailments other than cancer too. You have probably heard of some of them.

Next, learn more about natural cancer treatments that work.

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The author of this article is David Snape and he writes primarily for the ToBeInformed website.

Disclaimer: Cancer is a serious disease, it is one of the biggest killers in America today. This article does not intend to advise, diagnose or suggest treatment for cancer or any other disease. This article is for information purposes only. If you have or think you might have any health problem, including cancer, visit your licensed physician today for advice, diagnosis and treatment.

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