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Natural Cancer Treatments That Work – Review

By david / April 16, 2009

EBook A Natural Cancer Treatments 200 x 267Natural Cancer Treatments That Work – is an excellent resource for those who are looking to find out how people have been successful at battling cancer using alternative (natural) methods.

I have bought and reviewed Natural Cancer Treatments That Work and the information is phenomenal. The main book is over 400 pages packed with natural cancer treatments.

Most of the treatments are plant based in some way or another. Let me tell you why this is a good thing.

You see – even pharmaceutical companies take their queue from nature. In fact, much of their research goes into syntheticaly recreating a chemical that they found in nature (typically a plant) so that they can then patent that chemical. They concentrate the ‘active ingredient’ and put it into a pill or liquid for injection.

The funny thing is that many of these chemicals already exist in nature in one or more plants and they are called ‘phytochemicals’ – that’s just a fancy name for plant chemicals. The other ironic part about this, is buying the plant tea, extract, leaves or seeds is FAR less expensive than the prescription drug on the market.

Natural Cancer Treatments That Work

But there is something of a more serious / sinister nature inherent in this. Many alternative healing experts will tell you that it is far better to ingest the natural plant version of a chemical precisely because it is not concentrated in a synthetic form such as a pill.

They reason that mother nature knows best because she doesn’t concentrate one chemical – the chemicals in the plant occur in groups. They supplement and balance each other.

Now, you probably won’t get many cancer ‘experts’ to agree with this publicly. But if you can talk to one privately, you might get an earful of some interesting if not contrary information to the ‘main stream’ cancer treatment methods.

Cancer is something serious and you should work with your doctor. But does your doctor tell you everything he knows or suspects about treating cancer?

I can pretty much guarantee the answer is no and I’ll tell you why.

Cancer doctors (or any other type of physician for that matter) are limited by something called ‘protocols’ . What this means is that if they venture outside the realm or what is deemed ‘acceptable’ by some unknown force that regulates this stuff, they can be blacklisted and ostracized as a quack.

But worse – If they were to use a natural treatment that wasn’t approved by the ‘mainstream’ – they could find themselves in a position where no one would defend them as an expert witness when it came down to a law suite being disputed in court.

So you see, there is a built in mechanism that prevents doctors from exploring things outside what is accepted by the ‘mainstream’. Even if they know or suspect something will work, they can’t pursue it.

There is no incentive to research natural cancer treatments because the people paying for the research can not make money off a plant chemical that occurs naturally in nature. They have to create a slightly different synthetic copy ( in a lab) then they can patent it. THEN they can make money from it. That is what they spend money to research and prove – their copy – not what occurs naturally in nature.

Do you think you can learn something from 400 pages of Natural Cancer Treatments that Work?

I know you can because I have their material and I can tell you that it is golden.

They also give you three other books including over 2000 testimonials about people that successfully fought and defeated their cancers with natural methods.

Click Here to Read more about Natural Cancer Treatments that Work! It is worth getting.

David Snape is also the author of: What You Should Know about Gum Disease: ISBN: 978-0981485508

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Disclaimer: Cancer is a serious disease, it is one of the biggest killers in America today. This article does not intend to advise, diagnose or suggest treatment for cancer or any other disease. This article is for information purposes only. If you have or think you might have any health problem, including cancer, visit your licensed physician today for advice, diagnosis and treatment.

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