Can You Regrow Tooth Enamel?


Do you use filtered water in it? [in reference to the Hydro Floss]

Do you have to fill it up every time u use it?

I use alot of organic/natural pastes, including oil of oreganol and rinse with green tea and salt, which helps with the tooth pain.

Do you really think that I could actually regenerate enamel, even after they shaved most off for a the crown?

Thanks, Stella


Hi Stella,

I use tap water. It is important that the water still have minerals in it. As long as you are using water with minerals you can get the full benefit. Otherwise, it would be the same as using any ‘ol irrigator.

It is widely believed that enamel cannot be regenerated by the dental profession.

At best the dentin can become harder and glossy.

I don’t necessarily believe everything the dental profession believes, but it would be wrong for me to say that you can regrow your enamel – because science doesn’t believe it is possible and they would
have a problem with me saying otherwise.

You can try the information in Ramiel’s book. But I think that even he will tell you that you will not get enamel back.

David Snape

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