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Hydrofloss Irrigator – Is It Worth Getting?

by David Snape

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hydrofloss-oral-irrigatorThis article is about the Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator and it is based on my personal experiences. The Hydro Floss is something that has value and should be discussed.

Several years ago, my dentist told me that I had a little problem. She and the hygienist were very serious in their conversation and demeanor. They wanted to do a special treatment on me.

Their plan involved something called a ‘scaling and root planing’. This is also referred to as a SRP.

As they explained, I really didn’t enjoy the picture that was forming in my mind. I did not get a comfortable warm feeling from this discussion at all. I was wondering if I could pass.

The assistant told me that she would dig down underneath my gums with specially crafted tools that would allow her to get rid of an accumulation of tartar. She would also smooth the surfaces under there to make it harder for it to return.

This procedure appeared to be even worse than I first imagined. It was no comfort to hear her say that she could numb my gums up so that I wouldn’t feel a thing!

At this point, I knew it was going to hurt whenever the medication wore off. This was not the kind of life experience that I would remember fondly.

I was then told that If I did not accept this procedure that I should put my signature on a waiver to signify that I understood they were not responsible for what might happen to my teeth. This was another red flag for me.

Candidly speaking, I imagined that I was becoming the victim of some slick marketing tactics. It was hard for me to see the request to sign a waiver as anything more than a trick.

Then there was the ‘final straw’ for me. The hygienist told me that it would be best if they started today. She wanted to do this instead of my regular cleaning routine.

The logic she used made sense. The problem was with insurance. Should I get the standard, regular cleaning procedure now, insurance might not be inclined to pay for the advanced one later. But, I felt in my heart, that this was something I would need time to ponder before committing to it.

There was a voice in my mind that was very strongly opposed to going through with this new protocol, so I said no. Oddly enough, the waiver issue did not come up again.

The entire predicament seemed very surreal to me. There had to be another way for my gums to be healthy again.

Later, I found out that a person I know had this protocol done to her. She told me that she was unhappy with the outcome.

I hunted around for a possible solution. I stumbled upon the Hydro Floss oral irrigator. I sent away for one.

I felt eager to get started when the box was delivered to my door. I looked for an instructional disk inside, but I could not find it.

I sent a note off, asking for the video that was not included in the package. There was no problem from that point on and it was mailed to me. I felt upbeat after watching the video.

I felt confident that this device was going to work for me. As a result, I utilized it several times per day.

Several months after I started using the Hydro Floss, I went back to the same dental office. Judging by their reactions, I made a good choice.

Both the dentist and the hygienist examined my mouth and gums. They both agreed that I was looking a whole lot better and that I didn’t need their SRP treatment after all.

You can probably understand that I was elated to hear this good news. I still use the Hydro Floss irrigator daily, except when I am out of the country or my home town.

Take a gander at my signature box below and you will find a link to a coupon for a great deal on the HydroFloss. Is the Hydro Floss worth it? In my opinion, based on my experience, it is.

Grab Your Free Report Now. Before purchasing a Hydro Floss, get your Hydro Floss coupon Code. David Snape is the author of the book: What You Should Know about Gum Disease. ISBN: 978-0981485508.


Grab Your Free Gum Disease Report Now

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